lostthegameCapshun by Kensethfan

Kensethfan also adds these links for the ref (heh, i usually just let you guys figure it out on ur own):

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7 Responses to “congratulations!”

  1. My Mom laughed at it without me even showing her the links below.

  2. heh, i thot u werent gonna post this! i dont mind it tho!

  3. lol, “Little brother Busch glares at big brother Busch laughing at him for missing the chase.”

  4. IceCream_Guy82 Says:

    What we need now is a Kanye interrupts Kyle pic. 😛

  5. omg
    I hate the game but its so addictive! =D
    When you think about quitting the game, you just get your self hooked on the game again. dang

  6. ChasinCheckerz Says:


    and a new wonderful development? FedEx makes me lose the game. FedEx trucks, FedEx buildings, FedEx boxes, a certain FedEx Camry…….

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