…but Jimmie grew a beard

caseygoatee copy

Times are tuff dear Casey. You know it’s bad when the liquor companies are hurtin.


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4 Responses to “…but Jimmie grew a beard”

  1. too true.

    Also Casey: Jimmie drives better than you, also, it wasn’t a goatee, also, he did look stupid.

  2. I feel so bad for Casey….in the past 4 years he’s driven for so many differnet owners, had a different sponsor each time and a different number. No wonder the guy can’t drive, he doesn’t know where he is anymore!

  3. …..and Jimmeh shaved off the beard..

  4. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    I second that… poor Casey! Has he had the same team for 2 years running? Even at HMS he got switched to a new car……
    and Casey’s looks looooads better than Jimmie’s did. Sorry Jimmie, but I’m with Chad and ur grandma on this one. The beard just didn’t work.

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