helloooo sailor!


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9 Responses to “helloooo sailor!”

  1. i think i need to claw my eyes out now. :@

  2. this is too funny

  3. you just made my day!!! laughing hurts at the moment, but thanks!

  4. StarryNovaSaiyan Says:

    Oh my…LOL

  5. LoveLoganoxoxoxoxo Says:

    omg thats too funny! xD oh boy… Shrubs

  6. LMAOOOOOOOOOO… that is the best!!!!

  7. OH MY WORD!! This is GREAT! LMAO!!! I have a pic that this would work on as well…I may have to find that one

  8. NOSaholic18 Says:

    ive been watchin family guy… the first thing i think of is that guy from star trek walkin by “hellooo”. oh yeah, you kno the guy if you watch as much i do! lolz im keepin dis pic… hm…

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