Double the lol from Dover


What Miles is really thinking.

NASCAR Dover Auto Racing

He flies thru the air with the greatest of ease… That was truly an OMG moment–thankfully young Joey is OK, whew!!

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10 Responses to “Double the lol from Dover”

  1. I guess a congrats is in order, even though I don’t like the Jimmeh. But, it’s hard to beat the best car out there and I admit defeat!

    btw: I’m sitting in class 🙂 HAHA

  2. I was actually thinking that Joey was going to be in a wreck today.. but didn’t expect that!

  3. From what I heard on Tony’s radio, he wanted someone to find out if Joey was ok. I heard Reed say that he went straight over to Joey after they were both released from the care center. At least he didn’t go into the fence like Carl did. So thankful that Joey’s ok. Probably extremely sore today.

  4. Maybe Jimmeh thought that since he won the spring race, Miles would be more friendly this time around.

  5. TheShermanator Says:

    haha omg. That second one is hilarious. Glad Joey’s ok. More like a Bread Roll now! xD

  6. I was so glad to see that Joey was ok. I had Tony’s radio on and he was upset about the wreck.

  7. I heard that too.

  8. Ditto on hearing that Tony was upset…you could hear it when they did the “in-race reporter” during the red flag. He for once was practically speechless. I kept screaming at the tv — “SOMEONE STOP THAT CAR!!!! JOEY DOESN’T WEIGH ENOUGH!!! (I’ve “met” him, he’s as thick as a piece of paper) IT’S GOING TO KEEP GOING! OMG!”

  9. I’m with the hamburger guy…as I was leaving the track, I said to my dad, “I’d have totally fallen asleep on the couch during that race”. I was not happy to see Joey wreck, but that was the only interesting part of the whole thing.

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