Ok, mebbe its just me, but Im kinda tired of hearing Mark Martin’s interviews. “I’m having a blast”, “it’s so fun”, yadda yadda, always the same ol’ syrupy words.

Oh, I know, he’s truly blessed πŸ™„ but I thought it was still a good opportunity to make fun of him. So, I’ve introduced…. <drum roll> MARK MARTINΒ  BINGO!!

So, below are links to 4 different bingo cards for you and frenz to print out and play BINGO on raceday! wOOt!! Just mark off the MARK-ISMs as they come on raceday, first to get BINGO gets…uh….hmmm….uh, my undying love for having the same disturbing sense of hyoomer as me!! πŸ˜‰

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4


19 Responses to “BINGO!”

  1. Leave the man alone, good lord there’s a mute button on your TV for a reason. I sure don’t miss a chance to pound that mute button when they interview a half dozen other drivers.

    At least he doesn’t sound like a robot reading a prepared statement all the time (Jimmie I am looking directly at you!)

    • hate to tell you, but all drivers are reading from a script.. some might not sound like it, but they do.. its just the way they say it.

  2. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. She’s allowed to post what ever she wants… It’s HER web site..

    I’m also tired of the Mark Martin show. I felt the same way seeing Carl and Kyle last season.

  3. Please! The only thing I wished for this season was for the 5 car to hit the wall on the first lap in Daytona. Ford’s great, no wait it’s Chevy. Rousch, no DEI, no wait it’s crooked Rick. I’m leaving, I’m not. I’m only coming back one year to help HMS, no maybe 2, now wait it’s 3?? OMG Please GO AWAY OLD MAN! Sick of him??? He really makes me want to throw up!

    • How dare you disrespect Mark Martin! So what if he wanted to retire, then decided he wanted to come back. That’s his choice and his alone and no one has the right to judge him for that. If he wasn’t healthy enough to drive, then maybe he’d retire, but he is healthy and whether you like it or not, he’s going to be around for next season.

    • this is a site for lolz.. not for “i hate his guts” there is another website for that, its called youtube..

    • i suggest you read the disclaimer. mark just knows how to drive a racecar, and if you cant accept that, get the hell outta here.

  4. where be teh lolz? LOLZ! LOLZ! LOLZ!

  5. TonyDontShave Says:

    LOL These are great! I’m going to print one out to play during the race tomorrow…I’ll let ya know how many I get!

  6. Great idea Lola! (By the way, that comment about Mark wasn’t meant for you.)

  7. ok i misunderstood a bit there, and i totally agree w/ corrine. its HIS choice.

  8. My only beef with the bingo cards is that I didn’t see a square for “Alan is my hero” but maybe that would make them too easy

    • I have to say positive Mark is better than negative Mark (like he was a few years ago)…I just tune out half the drivers anyway. LOL I’m much more interested in what Kenny Wallace is babbling about LOL

  9. Thx kensethfan. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people disrespect any legend of any sport. Granted Mark hasn’t won a championship, but what makes a driver a legend is not the number of races/championships a driver wins – it’s his character.

  10. LOL, jealous Ford fans are mad that Mark is doing better in a Bowtie than he has ever done at Roush.

    I hope there will be more bingo cards for different drivers.

  11. Kyle would be though, unless you had different spaces for “running away on pit road”, “running to the garage”, “running to his trailer” Also JR would be hard to interpret *?%@#

  12. lola, you could also put in if the Nationwide Insurance commercial runs, or if the Wrangler commercial runs.

  13. Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us. It goes well appreciated in my book.

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