dey see meh rollin

dey see meh rollin'Capshun by Kensethfan

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5 Responses to “dey see meh rollin”

  1. Shrub has taken up a second career in being a rapper since he didn’t make the chase this year. Scary!!!

    • SmokeEm14 Says:

      Lol, and then once he gets all popular he’s going to join up with Chad Knaus and Alan Gustafson, and they’ll be like the NWA of NASCAR. Straight outta Charlotte, y’all.

  2. Just like the Gillette Fusion commercial with John Cena (I know he wasn’t in the NWA, but ya know what I mean)

  3. they’d have to get kenny wallace in on that (k-wall) since he knows the lyrics to like EVERY rap song ever written….LOL

  4. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    That in itself is extremely disturbing.

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