reasons to forget 1997

jeff1997 copy

A. Unfortunate uniform design that caused their race team to be called Rainbow Warriors and mocked for years.

B. Ex-wife

C. Whatever reason that causes at least 4 people to be staring intently at your a$$, 3 of which are men!

jeffairguitar copy

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7 Responses to “reasons to forget 1997”

  1. and yet surprisingly, this is at the height of my Jeff Gordon obsession…LOL. God, that was forever ago!

  2. Well, thankfully he now has a better wife, an adorable daughter, and an awesome paint scheme.

  3. I always wonder how many people decided to become Earnhardt fans back in the day while standing at the merch trailers thinking, “Hmm, do I really want a rainbow-striped jacket? Yeah, maybe I’ll just get that rad-lookin’ black one next door…”

  4. What, no mustache??


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