yeah, i spun u out.

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38 Responses to “yeah, i spun u out.”

  1. Others do it to him, why can’t he do it to them? One word: Karma

  2. That should be his catchphrase.

    I fear for my favorite drivers when he moves to cup.

  3. Why are you all assuming he’ll run into any of your favorite drivers when next season hasn’t even started yet? So what if he does? Are you personally gonna go to the track and tell him about it? If his car would happen to be loose and he accidentally slides into Tony or whomever, is that his fault? I think not.

  4. Corrine they obviously aren’t talking about mistakes and accidents. Those happen. They are talking about Brads tendency every week of causing huge wrecks, spinning drivers, wrecking drivrs, driving above his head etc.

    • Yeah that is what we are talking about I mean Nascar even warned him a few weeks ago. Like Tony said he was acting like it was a nationwide race instead of a cup race.

      • more and more drivers are startin to speak out publically about Brad K, it was said in an article by Jenna Fryer that there has been many many many drivers talking amoungst thereselves about Brad K’s driving style and how they are concerned when racing around him. I agree with NASCAR for warning him and with Tony Stewarts comments.

        He has talent but i don’t think i’ve seen him drive a clean race. Which is a shame. He’s lost the respect of Cup Veterans and even his own boss and hes not even a full time Cup driver yet. It’s a shame really!

      • I can see where people are saying about his driving during the cup race a few weeks ago. The Nationwide Series is another story, take into consideration the fact that he’s 3rd in points and is racing for a championship. Does that give him the right to bump and try to wreck others? No it doesn’t, but it also doesn’t mean he can’t be aggressive in his driving.

        • There is a difference between driving aggressive and wrecking people! There needs to be a balance between aggressiveness and patience. Kez does not seem to know the difference and he proves that each week.

  5. All I’m going to say is that if any driver that intentionally wrecks another driver on track, does not deserve to be in NASCAR. Just because you are mad at someone, doesn’t mean you should take it out on the race car. Rubbin is Racing, to a point.

    • That I agree with.

      • Every driver goes though this in racing. It’s not just him. Kyle does it all the time and gets away with it and no one has come down this hard on him for it. As for Brad losing respect, if that is the case then why did Penske Racing sign him? Why has Rick Hendrick let him drive the #25 car part time last year and this year? Finally, why did Dale Jr hire him to drive his Nationwide car? I’ve seen Brad race cleanly, not recently, but he has. He didn’t win the Nationwide race in Dover or Iowa by racing dirty. His one Cup win, HE FOLLOWED THE RULES SET BY NASCAR. He wasn’t to go below the yellow line and Carl took blame for it.

  6. That’s the last I’ll comment on this, it’s not worth it.

  7. Corinne it has been said by many drivers that hes not going about it the right way. He is not earning respect by his fellow competitors and that is going to hurt him. You don’t have to get upset about it.

    Every driver does NOT go through that in racing. I dislike Kyle Busch. Kyle races aggressivly but you don’t see him doing it to the point where he is spinning, wrecking and causing huge crashes on a weekly basis by doing it. Thats the difference.

    Dale Jr has made several comments in the last year about his concerns and issues with Brad, this isn’t anything new and from what many have heard on the inside there is MAJOR conflict due to Brads ego.

  8. You’re right I didn’t have to get upset about it, and am over it now. If anything, I hope that Kelly Bires does well for Dale Jr next year and Brad gets his head on straight going into Penske next year. (I know it sounds like I’m contradicting what I said earlier, but sometimes it takes me a while to get the message on things)

  9. Also, I haven’t watched any Nationwide races in a few weeks, so I can’t say how good or bad Brad’s raced. Sorry for the arguement everyone.

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Totally looking forward to Brad racing in cup… more opportunities for him to wreck Denny! (note sarcasm.)

  11. lol, I caught on to it there.

  12. Can’t wait for the day he does it to Jr without thinking first. Yipes!

  13. Christy Martin Says:

    A good driver doesn’t have to wreck other drivers to win. There’s always going to be rubbin’ because that’s a part of it. But there’s a difference between that and what this kid does. It’s called experience.

  14. holy hell 30 comments..

  15. The last time there were that many comments on one LoL was during the Shrubery era. Wait, who is he????? (Refering to the fact that he didn’t make the chase)

  16. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    to lola regarding denny spinning out reutimann:
    first of all, it was at pocono, not richmond. second, he expressed legitimate concern and remorse for doing that. brad has a tendency to brag or blame the driver he spun out… either way, not very nice.
    thank you amy. to my knowledge, hes wrecked 1 person, and run into others, but not wrecked them… even costing jimmie what should have been a win (chicagoland) i don’t hold it against him. on the other hand, brad has wrecked many, but even just denny hes wrecked at least 3 times.
    and i doubt denny’ll let it fly… brads not going to last to long if he keeps acting like this… (i’m banking on the other guys eating him first hehehe)

  17. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    hahaha not a big deal… the only reason I remember is because of all the grief I got for it later… and maybe because for some reason I saw that race 3 or 4 times. dont ask me why.
    *sigh* you enjoy causing a heated, 38-comment long debate every now and then, don’t you…

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