NASCAR themed dolls….

dollsCapshun and work by Corrine

Creepy dolls 😯

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6 Responses to “NASCAR themed dolls….”

  1. Ok, the fact that they have NASCAR dolls is kind of creepy in itself (but not surprising…I mean, they have NASCAR snow globes, for pete’s sake), but WOW those are some scary-looking dolls!! Especially Jeff’s Gordon’s… :shudders: It looks more like a Vampire Darrell Waltrip than anything else.

  2. theyre action figures! lol

  3. I showed this to my mom and I told her that to me, the only one that looked remotely like the actual driver is Dale Sr.

  4. Action figure, dolls, whatever. Still don’t look a thing like the men they’re supposed to be portraying.

  5. Big E looks like Tom Selleck.

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