clint chocula

clintchocula2 copy

Sorry Drago, Boo Berry rocks!!

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11 Responses to “clint chocula”

  1. lol, that gives me an idea for a video I saw on – I need any of you to name three random drivers, one owner, and a female that’s involved with NASCAR. The first five to name those are the ones I’ll use.

  2. lol, Ok, there’s one. 🙂

  3. You know, most of the time sponsorships have no effect on what I buy, but I gotta say…this really does make me want to run out and buy some Count Chocula. ;D

  4. Angel9404 Says:

    I love Count chocula :), bought some today!!

  5. Ok, I’ll make this video up tonight, and if I send it to you Lola will you post it?

  6. LMAO – Shrub and Sliced Bread are going to be hosting WWE Monday Night RAW next Monday Night!!!! If you want to watch them it’s on the USA Network starting at 9pm. Might get some good LOL’s out of it too!!

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