jamie’s dega race:

NASCAR Talladega Auto Racing

Thank you Sir McMurray, for actually racing at Talladega and LOOK, you won too! A bonus!! Im glad you didn’t lay back like some pansy-ass douchebag multiple-cup-champion waiting for everyone else with balls to wreck to make the best calculated move.

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18 Responses to “jamie’s dega race:”

  1. Agreed. I was so waiting for something NOT to happen that would have made him sleep in the bed he made for himself back there. What a whimpy move on his part.

  2. Congrats to Jamie! The article in the local paper said that the drivers rode in single file, almost like they were thumbing their nose at NASCAR Race Control. In the end, everything that Mike Helton and Race Control were trying to avoid happened anyway.

  3. So, Ryan and Mark go all out, and roll over, and Jimmie Johnson stays at the back all day, being a no-balls pansy and he gets a championship most probably… how freaking retarded is that. IMO, Mark and Ryan both deserve championship for their efforts. If Jimmie Johnson had the balls, he would have been the one flipping, or the one in Victory Lane.

  4. yh i love me my plate racin’! ppl said that this race wus ridiculous, but i found it comedic. Newman flips, then fuel fail, then Mark flips and McMurray wins. FAIL! That’s just the Tally curse in action, but then again, youd expect all hell to break loose (ooo look a cussy word) in the final laps, wouldnt ya? remember, this is talldega.

  5. I made this post last nite, set it up to publish this morning. Today i went to work and was unable to check it all day. I wondered if I’d get a bunch of peeps yellin at me for being too hard on JJ 🙄 guess not!! 😆

  6. If Jimmie’s a pansy, so is everybody else…looked like a frickin’ parade out there yesterday.

  7. dont see how it was a bad move on jimmies thing though. he finished top 10, so obviously its a good move.

    • The idea is a race car driver/champion should actually race.

      • kahneiac9 Says:

        here, here! They should also not be so narcissistic if they want their team members support during the next year as well.

      • Yeah, and so should the rest of the drivers. As it was, everybody was just riding around maintaining speed and waiting for the last 20 laps. What difference does it make if you’re cruising at the front or the back? You’re still just cruising, either way, and your track position means nothing until the end. That’s not any of the drivers’ fault; that’s a combination of how Talladega works, plus the new rule that made it extra pointless to try to get up there and race (which sucked).

        Jimmie’s finish was still dumb luck, though, even with his “strategy.” Yeah, it worked out for him, but not because of any brilliant plan unfolding. I didn’t like it, myself, because he darn near lost the draft (and that’s not the first time that’s happened, so wtf), and then when he did get up there at the end, he was just one car in front of Big One #2, so all that hanging back could very easily have been for naught.

        But you can’t tell me the guys in front were really racing hard for most of the race; they were going for a ride just like Jimmie, just at the front instead. If you want more racing, talk to NASCAR, not JJ; they’re the ones that keep coming up with these BS rules that limit the racing in the name of safety.

  8. Perfectly said, thank you. I missed most of yesterday’s race, and apparently I should be thankful for that, as a *lot* of NASCAR fans told me. Ask Newman, Harvick, or Martin if the new rules made them feel any safer. Newman’s wreck made me sick all over. For me, the season ended yesterday–roll on February 2010.

    Thank you, Jamie McMurray, for doing it the right way. I hope he gets a ride next year.

  9. I am glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Jimmie. I think the season ended for me too yesterday, but will continue to watch with my son so we can root on Smoke and Ryan. Congrats to Jamie Mac, I hope he gets a ride next year too. He can race with the best of ’em.

  10. Sorry, not going to blame JJ for this one. I’m going to blame NASCAR for adding rules to avoid fixing the actual problem. I want to watch a race, not just laps and wrecks. I don’t think NASCAR is going to fix anything until fans start speaking up or someone gets killed. I’m glad it wasn’t Ryan yesterday.

  11. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    ok, as a huuuge jimmie fan here, i’m glad that he survived talladega… but thats the problem… its become a game of survival… the guys are so afraid to racing out there because of stupid rules that get changed hours before the event… granted, i would have prefered to see both my guys running up front all day… (it would have made dennys engine epic fail hurt a little less) but thats the name of the game here. of the frontrunners, other than jamie mac, who actually finished?
    More blame to nascar… way to screw up again. no offense here, but seriously? what were they thinking?
    as to newman… man i prayed my head off too that he’d be ok… poor krissie i cant even imagine what she went through.

    • There really is nothing wrong with that track, that is how Dega has always been and if
      accidents do happen, then they happen. That is one of the main reason the COT was built. Carl and Ryan are two examples of how good the car is as far as protecting the drivers from being seriously hurt. If the drivers are too afraid to get out there and race, then they should be ask themselves if they really should be driving at all.

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