many lolz to choose from

Nothing like a controversial rule change/race/and big ol’ wreck to get the creative juices flowing. Thx lol’ers for the pics, i’m gonna have to spread them around 🙂

backflipsCapshun by Kensethfan

bradjjCapshun by Will

Of course we’re only making light of the situation because everyone was OK after the carnage. And while I did initially think it was Brad’s fault on Sunday, I am now thinking it was more of a freight-train incident and he just happened to be at the head of the train. Just one more situation in Cup that doesn’t make him look to good tho, lots of blaming! Im sure he’ll get it figured out.

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13 Responses to “many lolz to choose from”

  1. TheShermanator Says:

    I guess we can give him the nickname, “Flyin Ryan”!

  2. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    hahaha flyin ryan indeed…
    i was scared out of my wits when i saw him crash… i’m really glad everyones alright but for once i wish nascar wouldn’t muck up things that don’t need fixing! its blocking thats the problem, not bump drafting. and blockings only the problem because of the yellow line… whats with the stupid yellow line anyway?

  3. happy mustve wet himself when newman landed on top of him!

    • Reminded me of the Toyota commercial with the test track. Kenseth was probably like, “Woah, Rocketman, you’re not supposed to be facing me, you’re supposed to be beside me!!”

      • Whoops, forgot to delete that first part. The Toyota commercial where Denneh and
        shrub are on the track, only Denneh is going backwards and he and Shrub look at each
        other, then both scream.

  4. This one wasn’t Brad’s fault. Watch the replay, Ambrose checked up and that’s what sent Ryan’s car flying.

    • Dont think anyone is blaming Brad for Ryan’s Crash. I think they are saying that Brad may have caused the second crash the one that send Mark flipping but not Ryan’s.

      I was so glad to see that everyone was ok. I was like OMG that is Ryan car, then it went on Kevin’s car. Then I realized Tony was in it too. I was standing there and keep praying for Ryan to be ok. I am so glad he was ok and voiced him mind and concernes

      • Yeah, I realized that after I clicked submit. That’s the first time I’ve seen a car flip the way that Ryan’s did. Usually they flip side to side, not nose to tail. I’ve seen the nose to tail happen in NHRA, but not NASCAR.

        • Yeah def a scary crash,so many people have said that Ryan coming down on Kevin’s car soften the blow which I agree with and my uncle said that too. Thank God Ryan is ok. Now when is Nascar goign to listen to him about cars going airborne. Lets all remember that he has a degree in engineering so I think he really could give them some help with that if they would just LISTEN!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t think there is anything that can be done to prevent cars from going airbourne. The smaller resticter plate didn’t do a thing to help. They showed Dale Jr’s speeds and he was running just as fast as he would have had they had the normal restricter plate. It showed him running at 198 rpm’s

    • I think, regarding the cars and airborne issues…seems to me the ‘wing’ makes them take flight. I felt, watching the crash at dega in the spring, that Carl’s car seems to be settling, but hitting Ryan’s car made it fly up more. Like, if it had not hit another car, it would have gone down to the track as designed. However, this crash last week, seemed like the wing actually made it take flight. The roof flaps deployed, but yet, it still took flight…more than anyone would have imagined…had they listened to NASCAR 🙄

      • Def think the wing on ryan car made he take flight more. They just have to figure out a way to keep them on the ground.

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