roflbot-t4NvCapshun by Chetta

NASCAR Talladega Auto RacingCapshun by Austin

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4 Responses to “wait…”

  1. first of all, n2002 (Austin), congrats!

    and that also reminds me of one of the joey logano hovercar FAIL lol.

  2. I heard Dale Jr on his scanner say “…just saw Mark flip, that sucks.” I think Juan’s taco flew out of the car when he got hit. At least my name didn’t get crunched like an accordion this year, unlike last year when Jr hit the wall during practice last year and smashed in the rear end of the car. My name is somewhere in that left green strip on Jr’s car there.

  3. TheShermanator Says:

    My name was on the hood. I was kinda worried it would end up on the wall like last year. lol

    And I thought the wreath was kinda weird.

  4. Cool, lol, yeah that’s right, I forgot that he was part of one of the big ones last year. So my name and those on the back part of the car were crunched onto the wall during practice and your name was crunched onto the wall during the actual race. At least AMP Energy’s website showed you where your name was located, I contributed to Kenny Wallace’s fan car for Montreal, and had to search the entire car before I found my name.

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