iz given u fair warninz

roflbot-6BtYCapshun by Julie

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12 Responses to “iz given u fair warninz”

  1. Where do you get these pics on the interwebz that i can save on my computer and make funny capshuns myself,cause i got a few???

  2. noooo,pics without capshuns of the races!!!!!!!!!

  3. your the best!! 😀

  4. RacinLord, another good site is daylife.com, just type a drivers name into the search box, let daylife find the driver for you, then click on photos. do the same as far as saving and using ROFLBOT, and there ya go!

  5. Thank you Corinne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I found the pic i wanted!!!!Thte pic was on the NASCAR site but you cant save them.

  6. for reals??

  7. TheShermanator Says:

    yes for rizzles lol. racingone.com is a good site for pictures as well.

    anyways, this picture really made me lol for some reason xD

  8. I dunt understand how to copy a picture from the NASCAR.com gallieres in computer.IUt just sayz to print.How you save it in a document.

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