so i was thinking

tony to denny wtf 2Capshun by shaktidurga

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12 Responses to “so i was thinking”

  1. That funny as heck!

  2. Whatchu talkin bout Denneh!? 😀

  3. Dear Author !
    Ur!!!! We have won 🙂

  4. Hahahahaha, that is great!! Yeah, the look on Tony’s face is funny enough as it is, but the caption really puts the icing on the cake. Serious lollage.

  5. I am so glad someone did a LOL on this, When I saw it I knew that some one would have to come up with Something LOL. I so love Tony’s face, of course Tony makes some of the best faces every LOL

  6. Ya know, I’d like to know what poor Denny is REALLY saying for Smoke to make that face. Caption is great!

  7. LOL! I LOVE it!

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    lol too funny! I guess Denny wasn’t pver the whole martinsville thing after all…

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