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Is it just me, or does it look like Jimmie and his cactus pal are mirror images?

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32 Responses to “yet another”

  1. Do you think if we got a punch of people to donate just $1, we could pay Sam Hornish for a repeat of last week? Maybe?

  2. Tell me where to send my money! lol

  3. I give $100 to the cause!

  4. aw come on guys. be nice.. just think, 10 years from now you can look back and say “I saw Jimmie win 4 in a row”

  5. Um ya, no I will not. I’ll be saying how Nascar screwed up and fixed the whole mess yet again!

  6. I’ll look back and say “I saw Jimmie win 4 in a row, and then 4 more and 5 more after that. That was when everyone just stopped watching and the sport formally known as ‘NASCAR’ ended.”

  7. well from what i am hearing they are looking at changing alot of stuff about the chase next year.. and how do you think people back in the day when Cale won 3 in a row? they probably said the same thing, its just 4 now..

  8. If people aren’t happy with how things are going now, there is a thing called a remote, you can change the channel. Stop complaining, Mike Helton and his people aren’t perfect, and those who complain aren’t perfect either. As for changing the format of the chase, I’m all for it.

  9. They should just change the name from NASCAR to JACCTWTTF: Jimmie and Chad Cheating Their Way to the Finish or JIMMIE: Jimmie Is Making Me Ill Every-week

  10. How are they cheating? Do you have any actual proof of that? If not then you can’t say that they’re cheating.

    • Corinne, you know as well as I do, and anyone else who watches nascar, if they were cheating, they would get caught.. the people who say they are cheating say it because they cant admit that the 48 team is good at what they do.

      • completely agree, however those anti-JJ’s might bring up those 6 penilizations for Knaus and how Johnson and his crew were about half the width of a paper sheet away from cheating a few weeks ago when the chase just began when everyone freaked about the wing on the back of his car…

    • FAKE DEBRIS CAUTIONS! supposedly a few weeks ago, there was a debris caution and the debris was on the track directly in front of me. 1. I didn’t see debris 2. No blowers or crew cleaned anything off the track. Oh yeah, and Jimmie magically got in front. NASCAR is in on it therefore they’re not getting caught. Can you say to boost ratings?!

      • ~~rolls eyes~~ I highly doubt that NASCAR is in on anything, and that they would throw “fake debris cautions”.

        • So if NASCAR was in on anything with JJ, that must mean that they were in on Dale Sr and Richard Petty winning 7 Championships, Richard Petty winning 200 races, etc. Like I said before, MIKE HELTON AND THE NASCAR BOARD ARE NOT PERFECT. I have great respect for them, due to the fact that they are criticized for the smallest of things, and yet they go on, perform their duties to the best of their ability. They make mistakes, we all do.

          • Yeah, I’m sorry, I might believe one conspiracy or two, but there are so many accusations flying around about NASCAR, and they don’t even have the same end goal in common, that it’s just not credible. Take the “almost cheating” incident. First I hear someone say that NASCAR is lying about the 48 not quite being over the limit just so the Golden Boys could get off scott free. THEN I hear that NASCAR is unfairly targeting the 48 because they have some sort of secret vendetta against Chad and they want to catch him at anything. Well, which is it?!?! It can’t be both! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

            Kahneiac – do you mean that the fake debris cautions are forcing restarts in order to make things more exciting and therefore boost ratings, or that they allow JJ to get to the front and that boosts the ratings? If it’s the second one, I don’t get it, because NASCAR has heard nothing but us whine for the last several weeks about how JJ is making the Chase boring and that people are going to stop watching and stuff, so wouldn’t NASCAR want to give the advantage to some of the other Chase drivers if they wanted to improve ratings?

        • Then explain why no blowers went out on the track. None, what-so-ever. And I was in turn 2, able to see the track fully and there was absolutely nothing on the track. NOTHING. I’m just saying. I can understand a competition yellow, but calling it a debris caution? no way. Show me the evidence there was debris and I might be a little more sympathetic. However, there was none. I rest my case.

          There is one huge difference with the classic drivers.. watching the old races I never see debris cautions without evidence. Lately, it’s been more than one race where they don’t show, on TV where the debris is. AND! Explain to me why even the drivers are suspicious of these “debris cautions”. When you can fully explain to me these anomalies, I will side with you. Until then I hold my conspiracy theories.

          • I now see why you’re saying all this! It’s because your favorite driver said the same thing!

          • It’s amazing how I’ve heard drivers like: Stewart, Ragan, Martin, Newman, Jr. and yes, Kasey Kahne every one except Johnson complain of this. Strange.

          • Oh, Harvick, Biffle, Kurt Busch… need I say more?

          • By the way, Mike Helton was on Trackside tonight and was asked about the debris cautions. He provided a very good answer. He said that with those cautions where they are not sure if there is something on the track THEY WILL THROW THE CAUTION TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE. They have TV monitors in the booth, and even spotters who watch for that kind of thing. Sorry, but I’m not gonna go against Mike Helton and NASCAR Race Control.

  11. you guyz suck >__<

  12. Oh I know they would, and thought of that after I posted that last comment. Racing Lord, we don’t put each other down like that and would be grateful if you would refrain from comments such as that one.

  13. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Come on guys! Lay off! How come in EVERY other sport the fan base loves to see one guy/team on top? Tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, football… Jimmie’s worked his butt off to get to this point in racing, and he’s good. End of story. Yes, a lot of things have gone his way, but it’s not like NASCAR tried to do that! And does anyone care to up until 2005? Like on ’04, how he lost the title by 8 points? Or how in ’05 he was sooo close to Smoke going into homestead, and he blew a tire and finished 30-something, and 5th in the points? You guys are watching history in the making… seriously people…

    Oh, and I’m not even going to say how many times JJ has been screwed over by so-called “debris” cautions… he, like Jeff and Mark, tend not to complain about things like that.

  14. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    😉 someone had to say it… I’m with you on this one-they are in charge for a reason… and I rather deal with phantom debris than have my driver run over real debris, cut a tire, and run into a wall.

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