jr can haz

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21 Responses to “jr can haz”

  1. YES, what happened to him this year was all mechanical and/or caused by accidents. Give him and Lance McGrew a full season of working together before saying that he has no talent.

  2. Jr. doesnt care about racing,hes just one big,corporate icon.He and Danica should just hook up so they can cry with eachother on their BIg piles of cash.

  3. There a tiny problem with he and Danica hooking up, Danica is married. Jealous are we? RL sounds more like a Shrubery or Denny Hamster fan to me. Cry cry cry when you don’t get your way, sorry RL, it’s gonna take a lot more than your negative comments to bring JR Nation down!!

  4. Why? So he can embarass himself in 2010 kinda like he did this year. I couldn’t agree more with Stewarts comments this weekend “Dale Jr, that no talent SOB”

  5. Yea because a “no talent SOB” can win 18 (points, more if you count non points) races, 2 nationwide championships, countless numbers of poles, and finish as high as second in points.
    Seriously?!?! Get a life.
    He had a bad year and it will get better.
    Every driver goes through slumps and if you can’t realize that you shouldn’t call yourself a NASCAR fan.

    GO JR! Can’t wait for 2010!

  6. this is a what have you done for me lately, and since hes gone to hendrick and been put in the best equipment possible junior has done nothing. sure he won 18 races but the competition wasn’t as competitive as it is nowdays and the fact of the matter is he doesn’t have the talent to run with the big boys at this point. juniors career has been on the decline the last 3 years and next year will be nooo different.

    you can make excuses and say it was bad luck blah blah blah. how many times has he caused wrecks himself, how many times has he blew it in the pits?

    • Im not getting into an argument to defend who i chose to support as i driver and who i dont or why. Its totally fine if you pick your drivers by results…(altho, that’s gotta be pretty expensive to keep buying new stuff when someone doesn’t get a checkered flag, but it makes the merchandisers happy i guess) but i’m willing to bet that there are quite a few fans that chose their guy because of the person they perceive him to be. If it were totally results driven, you wouldnt be seeing any Carl Edwards shirts at the track this year or stuff from the RCR boys. Heck, I went to the Richard Petty Museum this spring and bought a Richard Petty shirt and that guy hasn’t won a thing in years 😉

      • Oh I totally agree, i’m not a band wagon fan and like you, I choose my driver based on what kind of person he is & stick with that driver through his good times, and bad times. Thats what being a true fan is.

        • Kind of like us Jr fans are doing…sticking with our driver through times of good and bad. We will continue to do so. Bandwagon fans wouldn’t stick around after this season…true fans would.

  7. I started watching NASCAR because of Jr and even though he’s not my “driver” anymore I’ll always have a spot in my heart for him.
    I want him to do well. I want him to win. This season has just been bizarre for him bad luck wise.

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Ok, I’m not a Jr fan anymore, but I do pity him and I do want him to run well (or at least better) next season.

    1) Denny is not a hamster
    2) When was the last time he pulled a Shrub and ran off and cried when he didn’t get his way? He’s made a looooot of mistakes as of late, but (ignoring the whole n’wide thing) he’s owned up to them all and taken the high road. Even in his conflict with Brad, the first few times he’s written it off to racing, and the last few incidents… well, he’s handled them a LOT better than most of the other drivers would have. Even JJ woulda been super ticked at this point.

  9. I know he’s not a hamster, it was a joke. You’re right he hasn’t pulled a Shrub in a long time, but he does complain….. a lot. The difference between he and Shrub is that even when he’s slightly more than ticked (for lack of a better word) off after a good run ending with a bad finish, he faces the media. We all know what Shrub does, so no need to go there.

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    but its still not as clever as “virginia ham”
    maybe i’m just (extremely) biased, but I tend not to view most of what he says as complaining… I give him props for having the heart to talk to anyone, especially the media, after… well, lets just say that if there was an award for the best car that wasn’t around at the end of the race, denny would have clinched that long ago.

  11. That’s a good one. Ok, I’ll let the Hamster die out, it was short lived and didn’t take off. Oh well….

  12. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    yes… somehow “virgina native hamlin” got turned into “virgina ham” and unfortunately its stuck ever since… that, and “vallet parker” or something similar. funny how 1 race (and a commercial) can ruin your reputation forever.

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