you underestimate

Capshun by Austin

Lets hope for good healing over the winter…you need to get back to flipping Carl, lol!

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17 Responses to “you underestimate”

  1. Shrub needs to keep his hat on!

  2. OMG! I’m gonna have nightmares from the Kyle picture. o_O

  3. Wow, that is creepy, be worse if he was smiling.

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! :::runsandhidesinfilingsystem::: DUDE! That’s scary!

  5. As soon as I clicked on the link to get to this site today, I kind of jumped. Yikes.

  6. Oh my GOD that is scary!! What would cause someone to take that picture in the first place? Is Kyle playing the Penguin in a NASCAR Batman movie? Actually, that would be pretty rad… Dale Jr. could be Batman because he’s all conflicted and stuff, and Tony Stewart could totally be the Joker, and Danica could be Catwoman if she ever makes up her mind to get into NASCAR, and Jeff Gordon could be Robin (I’m so mean!), and I won’t say who I think should be Two-Face because that would be a little too mean, even for me.

  7. Carl for two face.. JMO. heehee

  8. i kinda dig it.

    • and hes not that bald… bad lighting obviously…

      thats a much better picture of him where he looks, dare i say it, attractive. Must be the sunglasses!

  9. It does make him look somewhat bald, if not that, then it makes him look like he has a much bigger forehead. I hate that kinda lighting, makes even the hotter of drivers look horrid.

    • Speaking of lighting, I swear there is a conspiracy (lol, this is one conspiracy I believe) to make all the drivers look as horrible as possible in their official photos. Go to and look at the list of drivers – it’s a total crack-up! The lighting makes everybody look at least vaguely ill (some more than others), and a lot of them have the most hilarious expressions on their faces.

      Jamie Mac’s is the best, lmao. Poor guy…he’s so cute, but you wouldn’t know it from that picture. Nobody else faired much better, though…only Kasey Kahne looks normal, and that’s because the man is incapable of taking a bad picture no matter what.

  10. OnlyLeftTurnsForMe Says:

    What events was that pic of Kyle taken?

  11. From the Nationwide Awards banquet last year. The drivers who were acknowledged all got their pics taken like that. Made all of them look a bit freakish.

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