is he done yet?

Im thinking “no”.

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13 Responses to “is he done yet?”

  1. do they like take him right after the race for a photo shoot with all his trophys??

  2. I am thinking they do since the winning team always has to be photographed wearing each of their sponsors hats in victory lane, an extra photo or two won’t harm Jimmeh, unless he doesn’t thinks with his dipstick.

  3. Poor guy couldn’t even get out of his firesuit until after the press conference. I could see him having to get his pic taken with it on, but couldn’t they have had a spare, dry one for him to put on after the pics on the stage were taken? No wonder he wasn’t smiling when the top was taken.

  4. Also, I wonder how Rick Hendrick’s niece made out yesterday.

  5. so on another note, who is happy he won? =D

  6. Amen to that, 14. I nearly went through the tv. I actually said the same thing I said when Dale Earnhardt turned Terry Labonte at Bristol a few years ago. Had to do with strangling someone…..and if I recall correctly, Tony got caught up in THAT one, too.

  7. I laughed when Tony put Juan in the wall..

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    Yay Jimmie! 48×4=HISTORY!!! Amazing season, and I’m really proud of them all 😀
    And a shout out to Denny too. Great race, 11 team. Bring it on, 2010.

    ok… totally neutral on the whole Tony-Juan Pablo thing, unlike with Denny and Brad, so I’ll give my take. They are both racing like… meanies… Tony does something Juan Pablo doesn’t like, and JPM tells him. Then Tony [deliberately] puts JPM into a wall. JPM, now extremely ticked that he is 28 laps down, spins Tony out. Yes, NASCAR said enough is enough, but don’t you think something is wrong with the system where the guy whose car gets destroyed gets penalized for showing his displeasure? Not funny whatsoever. Yes, they should police that, but punish the driver who ruins someone elses day. Because honestly, once you’re 28 laps down, you don’t care too much.

    on another note, I think the poor guys should not only be able to change out of their firesuits for pictures, but have a lighter, thinner, “photoshoot” version… because honestly I wouldn’t want to wear 20-odd layers of nomex under studio lighting getting my picture taken.

  9. I’m pretty sure the picture with the trophies was taken before he won because, if you look closely, one of the trophies has Jeff Gordon’s name on it.

  10. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    the trophies they use in photoshoots are very rarely all his… you’ll often see jeffs/ricks in there…

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