oh no!!

Watch pothole commercial here just in case you don’t see it enuff.

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15 Responses to “oh no!!”

  1. I love that commerical in a weird way…. LOL

  2. LOVE IT

  3. LOVE IT!!! that commerical is one of my favs. 😀

  4. Oh that was awesome… heeheehee

  5. lol. ive actually only seen that commercial a couple times.

  6. Lmao

    Oh my God, this is definitely one of my favs xD

    ‘Cause I’m Tony Stewart’s splitter’

  7. LOL I totally love this one. Great job

  8. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    oh lol lol….. hahahah

  9. Lol, that’s awesome. “Soooo… K bye!” End the season tempers always make great lolz!

  10. You can just hear that goofy voice saying all this. Does anybody else think she sounds like Reese Witherspoon?

  11. LMFAO!!! (sorry so late, been out of town) Definitely a new favorite!

    Totally agree about the Reese Witherspoon-ness…that was my first thought when I saw that ad the first time.

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