obama approves

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9 Responses to “obama approves”

  1. lola, when was the last time you posted one of MY lolz? XD

  2. I was gonna ask the same thing, I think I just sent you a couple too.

  3. That is too funny!

  4. i have to tell you guys something… I went to the store today and was walking around, and I walked down the aisle where all the nascar cars and toys are, and I was looking for Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson stuff, And I noticed, Everyone was sold out except Jr. I actually felt bad for him..

  5. I’ve noticed that too, esp. at Wal-mart and Target…. The smaller diecast cars, most of the ones left on the shelves are Dale Jr ones. Which reminds me that my little 2 year old nephew told me that his Mommy got him a “Tail Jr” (Dale Jr) car while she was away. She was in Dover, DE visiting some college friends of her’s last weekend.

  6. #1 Denneh looks so thrilled to be standing next to Dale Jr, #2 he’s not that big of an Obama supporter, #3 he realized that Obama has no idea who Denneh is.

  7. nascarfan8899911 Says:

    FYI all of you that say Jr’s stuff is still on the shelves..
    it’s because they make twice as much Jr stuff as they do anyone else.
    Jimmie, Jeff, Tony, etc all have way less stuff made for them.
    Wal-mart, Target, etc. all orders twice as much Jr stuff as anyone else.

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