i said gimmie da money!

Capshun by Wesley

Man, who knew Kasey was such a badass…well, except  this guy!

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6 Responses to “i said gimmie da money!”

  1. Shocked Ray Evernham is….. shocked.

  2. Dear Lola,
    I think lolnascar.wordpress.com needs a makeover.
    Please Consider.
    Your Friend,
    Steele 🙂

    • It may be in the works…what’s ur suggestion? (besides stop showing a pic of shrub in front 😉 )

      • ha lol.. i wish i was still in school cause I could of made you something cool like. but idk what you can change and stuff. Im kinda sick of the color gray. idk if you can change that but it would be nice. 🙂

        • I appreciate the feedback. I am thinking of going to my own domain, but not sure yet…there will definitely be some sort of make over for the 2010 season 😀

  3. I made the title image for my Dale Jr blog at imikimi.com – You can make all kinds of collages, etc there.

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