before i leave

Capshun by Corrine

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17 Responses to “before i leave”

  1. probably himself. now junebug can rub it in his face 🙂

  2. MPD award doesn’t even relate to track success so I could care less.

  3. Aww, too bad, Jr said himself it’s a cliche so get over it! Just because he had a bad season doesn’t mean he’s not the most popular driver. The award proves it. When will people get it in their heads that all drivers have bad seasons!!

  4. But what about bad careers? I mean, June Bug can clearly speak for himself on that, maybe if he gets his head out of his ass and stops blaming his crew for his mishaps, then he’ll admit that it’s him that’s the problem. Just look at how he got into the racing business. Wins 2 Busch championships then gets a cup ride, does jack but win a race each season, and gets massively popular just because he’s the son of the Redneck Jesus. Sounds almost like Stephen Wallace, except Stephen runs surprisingly worse.

  5. boodog108 Says:

    Yep, Ice Cream, I totally agree. Junior is most popular driver ONLY because his name is DALE Earnhardt, Jr. He hasn’t done much, unlike his dad (whom I didn’t like).If Kelley had stayed in racing or if anyone would really sponsor and back Kerry, Junior would be a semi-talented kid with a big name. Which is what he is. I go back to the Missed Pit Stall Incidents………….was that really Eury’s fault? Week after week? Do Not think so!

  6. boodog108 Says:

    AND for the record, I cannot stand Kyle Busch!


  8. This IS a HUMOR site. If you want to get all technical and bash drivers, go to a site that cares about that stuff. You want Dale Jr is popular not because of his status on the track, but because he is himself, AT ALL TIMES. 18 wins, 142 top 10’s and 8 poles in the Cup series, as well as the 2 Busch Championshps, 22 wins, 71 top 10’s and 10 poles (oh yeah, one of them THIS YEAR) in the Nationwide Series DOES NOT MAKE FOR A BAD CAREER.

  9. boodog108 Says:

    Ya know, I find it ironic…….this is a humor site…until you comment on Junior….then it’s like you insulted God. Hey, the most popular driver when it was Bill Elliot had to do with his status on the track. If that’s not the case now, then let’s debate it….but until then, I’m sorry, I don’t like Junior. He’s not that talented and he complains a lot.He’s not (I’m sorry JR. fans) he’s NOT the greatest driver out there. To be that, you have to unseat his dad. God knows we won’t do that! And to that end, the greatest drivers are still Richard Petty and A.J. Foyt. Sorry Lola, but I believe everything I just typed!

  10. nascarfan8899911 Says:

    First of all us Jr fans never said he was the best driver out there, boodog108. & for that matter he might not be the best but he’s a damn good driver. 18 wins, 2 Nationwide Championships, countless number of poles, and a points finish as high as 2nd is done by a driver with no talent! Obviously you’ve never heard him speak because he hardly ever complains. As a matter of fact he trys his best not to even with the horrible season this year. And if you watched the races at all this year you would realize that he had good cars and was running up front many times and had things out of his control go wrong. He didn’t purposely blow up the engine, get a flat tire, have parts break or get crashed by some other idiot driver. He was running in the top 10 many times this year and had things out of his control go wrong! He’s a good driver and he’ll be back up front soon. All you haters can shove it.

  11. boodog108 Says:

    nascarfan, I am not a jr. hater. I just question whether he is God’s gift to Nascar…he did great in Nationwide (NO argument here) but tell me what he’s done in Cup……yeah, he does try his best as do alot of drivers who don’t get any publicity ( one I think of is a former champion, you may know his name….Bobby Labonte). I only question whether he’s riding his Dad’s coat-tails. My only issue with Junior is this….is he only JUNIOR in Sprint Cup or can he really deliver. And as for popularity, I go back to my previous statement about Bill Elliot. Had nothing to do with off the track, Elliot was the most popular driver for what he had done on a Sprint Cup (well, then Winston Cup) track.
    And thank you Lola for a site where we can all voice opinions!

    • Im ok with it as long as it doesnt get too ugly 😉 But at some point someone is gonna have just agree to disagree…Jr fans are not gonna let go their reasons for liking him and the non-jr fans are always going to bring up his stats…agree to disagree 🙂

  12. All drivers go through slumps, and Jr is no different. He’ll be back in winning form. The MPD award is a victory in itself this year…just goes to show that even through the tough times, Jr Nation stands behind their guy, and will continue to do so. That’s what a true fan does…stands behind their guy in times of good and bad, and that is what this award represents. If you want to go and try to take away from it just because it’s Jr, then so be it. If it were your driver winning it, then I bet you’d be singing a completely different tune. Just sayin’.

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