Who loves ya, baby?

Yes, I know Im referencing a TV show from the 70s. I’ve just outted myself as a fossil.

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5 Responses to “Who loves ya, baby?”

  1. luvs it! 🙂 I knew the reference!

  2. yeah..i wasn’t even a thought in the 70s haha. that’s about 20 years before i was born hahahahaha

  3. Don’t listen to ’em, lola! Us old folks know when everything was better…from music to movies, to racin’……..

    • I don’t normally feel fossil-like, but then someone has to go and say they were born 20 years past the 70s…then I feel a bit old. 😆 I do agree on the awesome movies and music we have from the 70s and 80s (I feel I am mostly an 80s child)

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