look, its snowing!

Capshun by Kensethfan

Capshun by Kahneiac9

Im glad u like the snow, little effect I saw that werdpress offers so I added it for a few weeks. So, when anyone looks at this one after jan. 4 and snow is not falling, they’ll be all WTF? lol! I think the bright lights of Martin’s interrogation will melt any accumulating snow we get on the screen tho. 😉

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8 Responses to “look, its snowing!”

  1. i was gonna say its been snowing for the past few days and nothing is laying..

  2. the mikey part, is supposed to be based off an interview from this Nationwide race at Bristol from 2002. hopetfully the HTML will work.

  3. I love the snow! I saw it the first day and was like, what the heck is going on! I thought it was my monitor, but then realized it wasn’t.

  4. excuse me, 2006, not 2002.

  5. just noticed the snow falls in the opposite direction of the mouse

  6. Oh wow O_O At first I didn’t notice the snow and I was all ‘what the crap?’ xD but then I saw it and I love it. I Agree, it would be so awesome if a little snowpile grew at the bottom of the screen.

  7. TheShermanator Says:

    I remember watching that race. Quite possibly one of the greatest weather delays in NASCAR history lmao

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