the danica cometh

Capshun by Kevin

Should be interesting.

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9 Responses to “the danica cometh”

  1. she was 12th in arca testing at tona 😯

  2. Give her time, she’s not going to be perfect in her first season of stock car racing.

    On another note, pass me a piece of that.

  3. What is making me mad everyone is doubting her because she is a woman.. I personally think she is going to do good.. They put Joey Logano in a car and everyone was giving him all this hype.. Why not do it for her? because this country, not just the sport, is full of sexist numb nuts..

  4. What I hate is everyone belittling Danica, and then Milka Duno goes and tests ARCA and everyone’s so excited about it. I mean like, Milka hasn’t even won a race, and she’s not even that hot compared to Danica, she’s got some Michael Jackson face in my honest opinion.

  5. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    ok i’m a gal here wanting to go in to nascar… and i hate danica’s guts. personally, i think someone like chrissy wallace is more deserving of that ride-shes worked her way up through the ranks just like anyone else…. even the irl’s sarah fisher, who owns her own team and everything. danica, racing for one of indys best teams, has… 1 win. proven champs have had a hard time in nascar, good equipment and teams or not. (jpm being the obvious exception, but hes won practically everything else…) she’s being hyped up too much because she’s a woman, not doubted… the doubt, at least in my opinion, is coming from people finally realizing that they’ve given her too much hype.

    so danica, time to “goeth”

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