define “convertible”

Capshun by Kensethfan

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10 Responses to “define “convertible””

  1. i hate seeing this picture. thank god ryan was ok!

  2. convertible – a car that has top that can be folded or removed.


    on the other hand….

    23 days ’till the shootout, 30 ’till the 500. can you bliv it?!

  3. Tonygirl14 Says:

    My heart sinks whenever I see this pic. I was thinking it might be this when I clicked on the link. Glad he could walk away from this, for sure!

  4. Did you know that when Ryan got the car back he sunk it in a lake on his property. That pretty much confirms his awesomeness.

  5. wonder what’s […] define “convertible” « lolNASCAR […] is all about?

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