Capshun by The Shermanator

Well, we hope he can do it! 😉

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10 Responses to “NASCAR”

  1. All jr. fans take offense to this lol.

    prepare to be sent back to the corner lola!

  2. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    lol its so eazy a cavejunebug can do it

  3. GDriggers Says:

    Jr. IS looking a bit rough. 😛

    Also, nice product placement by PepsiCo and their respective drivers.

  4. not all of us hope he can do it….
    Don’t hit me!!!

  5. TheShermanator Says:

    haha. just to set the record straight, i’m a jr fan too lol. Just hope somebody gives him a razor before Daytona!

    • TheShermanator Says:

      lol, and anybody else notice all of their facial expressions? mark looks mad and jeff looks like he just smelled something rotten. LOL

      • A Jimmie is concentrating really hard on not looking like a robot.

        • Haha, and failing pretty miserably! Maybe he farted…he’s all like, “Wasn’t me! I don’t smell a thing!” Mark and Jr. look like they’re already suffering the effects, and then it just hit Jeff at the moment the camera took the pic. Yep, methinks JJ had chili for lunch…

  6. I’m still laughing over CaveJr. 😀 I think that just made my week!

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