2fer wednesday

Capshun by Kensethfan

And Shermanator has some words of wisdom for us…

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21 Responses to “2fer wednesday”

  1. i disagree with the “Regan got screwed”

  2. I just wish I got $45 million dollars every time I was fired!

  3. Regan didnt get screwed rules are rules and its been like that for a while!!

  4. fwiw, I dont think regan got screwed either…and I dont like conan, so…so there, lol

  5. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    no no its carl edwards got screw at the aarons 499 and lolnascar got screw for posting this up LOL just jokeing

  6. TheShermanator Says:

    just tired of people bringing up the past lol.

    as far as im concerned regan lost, juan lost, and conan should still be on nbc!!!! LOL

  7. i don’t like the new EGR cars lately, mainly because of the absence of the DEI decals.

  8. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    5 words fuck the past and QUACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK lolololol

  9. Conan screwed himself for not doing what the execs at NBC asked him to do.

  10. guess nobody talking about the top pic.

  11. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    lets see 20 comments 1 lolnascar 586595 pics of loling whats better??? geting a new l.. OH LOOK CHEEZE!!!

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