scruffy nerf herder

Capshun by Stacey

Ok, so I had to look up ‘scruffy nerf herder’ on the google…so what? I guess I’m just not hip to what Princess Leia has to say about people.

And another funny along this line…Last night my son was walking thru the room when some Jr. interview was on the TV. “What the?! Did you SEE Junior’s FACE??” 😆

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8 Responses to “scruffy nerf herder”

  1. lola, did ya see the bud shootout?

  2. Jr. has to loose that scruff! He’s not a beard guy! It was a SHOCK when I saw him!!!

    • My Mom and I agree. He has too much of a baby face to have a beard. I’m not sure why the drivers can’t realize that the pics that are taken on media day are what FOX, TNT, ESPN and ABC will use for the rest of the year.

  3. Gettin hard to see his face. But the scruff passes muster!

  4. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    his face is murder to me lol

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