Life is just a fantasy

Time’s almost up to register…you have 3 days and 14 hours left at the time of this posting. Hurry!!!

Want to join our private u-pick-em racing group?

One of the features of this free racing contest is that you can compare your scores with that of other LOLers on a private page.

To join your this group, first sign up for the contest at, which enables you to win prizes for each race or a grand prize overall. Then, after you log in, click on the “My Groups” tab, and then click on “Join a Private Group,” and submit the following:

Contest URL:
Group Name: lolNASCAR nation
Group Password: lolnation

This game is run by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and it free and just for fun. The newspaper does offer prizes each week, but I like it because it’s an easy format and free! I may include a small grand prize for our little team if enough people participate, like a Kyle Busch (or other driver of your choice) voodoo doll or something ;-)

Thanks and enjoy the game!

P.S. Your information is private and registration is thru the newspaper’s site. I am only administer of our little group and am not able to view any personal information. I’m no creeper!! ;-)

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