O hai!

Just another page on the interwebs…tryin to get someone to read me.

Pretty booring aktshully 🙂

26 Responses to “O hai!”

  1. will you be having pics to choose from and add to like the others?

  2. Hi, thanks for being my firsty commenter!

    Since I am kind of a noob blogger and this is a noob blog, I don’t have the capabilities to make an LOLbuilder. I will be posting a tutorial on the main page to explain how to submit your own LOLs. Stay tuned.

    If for some reason this page becomes a smash hit, I may be able to add some kind of builder. Help spread the word! More minds mean more LOLz for all!!

  3. Using the ROFLBOT is really really easy! 🙂 I use that!

  4. Gosh, this page seems deserted… Well I love the website, I check it every day.

  5. Oh hai, lolnascar!!!

    Jest carled 2 say hello and ai wanted 2 add u as a fwend and nao ai is here and looking at pikshures wif cars on. Nascar racing iz nawt well nown where ai libs, but ai has hurd of it.

  6. Buzzarella Says:

    Got here by clicking your “name link” from I has a hotdog. Prob’ly only NASCAR fans will
    understand your LOLs, and as a fan, count me in!! Great job & lots of fun!! (You just know they’re saying most of this stuff on their radios anyway).
    LOL & keep ’em coming.
    sad Jr. fan 😦

  7. Hey upfi…sry didnt see ur ‘hai’…thnks for stoppin by.

    Buzz…glad u clicked on me! Enjoy!!

  8. Bobby Isaac Says:

    lol…..whoz iz your fav drver

    i send ja a little gift 4 this answer and for havign this site

  9. My favrit driver??
    Oh, should I tell?
    U guess. Starts with a D and ends with an ale junior.

  10. Bobby Isaac Says:

    allrightz then, i’ll your lil sumpin sumpin done beofore race this weekendz

  11. LK Murphy Says:

    Do you always have to have Junior cussing?

  12. No, i dont LK, I just like a good efbomb.

    Iz all in good fun 🙂

    • Jr cussing is part of nascar.. just listen to any scanner on Saturday or Sunday..
      Chad and Jimmie know a few wirty dords too

  13. Grammy Carol Says:

    Whenever I need a good laugh, I’ll come to your site! You have such an interesting way of looking at things. 😉 Will try to come every day to see what you are posting. Thanks for a great site!


  14. Well, thx Grammy C 😀 glad you LOL’d

  15. The latest one of Logano was right on!! Wish he was really thinking that-LOL!!! Thanx!

  16. Love the website, keep it up!

  17. I have just about died laughing at these pics. They are hilarious! Keep it up!

  18. just found you today, and i’m loving your site!! 🙂

  19. OHai there!

    I’ve been coming here for awhile, and have submitted a few Lolz myself. lol! Seriously though, I love this site Lola, and come everyday, esp. when I’ve had a stressful day at work, the new lol everyday makes my day. Keep it up!!

  20. queers4gears Says:

    oh Hai ! Last year I gave my mom the lolcats book and that site is on her check daily list…

    and lolNascar is on my daily check list….

    I have also added it to my blog – a nascar/auto blog geared toward the LGBT community

  21. 24midnightfire24 Says:

    lolnascar needs a logo

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