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twenty-twenty-twenty four

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cat’s on the track

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Capshun by The Shermanator

Cat’s on the track, cat’s on the track. Lookin like a fool, chasin a cat on the track.


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thank you veterans

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‘dega curse?

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Kensethfan wrote an article with some intersting/spooky facts:

With Halloween on Saturday, and then NASCAR’s AMP Energy 500 on Sunday, I feel it is appropiate to post this. During the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson drove the Talladega Indians out of their huts. During that time, a medicine man supposedly put a curse on that land. This land is now the Talladega Superspeedway. There was a string of very unusual events at the speedway, that possibly has something to do with this “curse”.
1969: The speedway is boycotted before the first race at the speedway, when the drivers argued that speeds were way too fast.
1973: During the Winston 500, there was a massive crash that wiped out half the field. Later that race, Bobby Isaac, the 1970 champion, stopped his car on pit road, and climbed out. There was nothing wrong with the car. Isaac said he was retiring because a voice told him to do so. In the Talladega 500, Larry Smith was killed when he struck the wall on the 14th lap. There was minor damage to the car. It was later revealed that Smith supposedly ripped the inner-liner out of his helmet, because it was irritating him.
1974: About a dozen cars are sabatoged overnight, before the Talladega 500. Sand and cola was put into gas tanks. Tires and brake lines were cut. The culprit was never caught.
1975: Tiny Lund is killed in a crash, during a race he wasn’t even supposed to be in.
1986: A drunk fan steals the pace car, and runs two laps around the speedway before he is stopped by a road block just off of Turn 4.
1987: Bobby Allison shatters the catchfencing in a crash during the Winston 500 (You may recall this accident, because it was the that brought forth the use of restrictor plates). One man loses his sight when he is hit by a piece of debris.
1993: In the DieHard 500, Jimmy Horton and Stanley Smith are envolved in a terrifying wreck. Jimmy Horton’s car flew over the wall, but Horton was unhurt. Smith was seriously injured. Davey Allison is killed in a helicopter crash near the speedway. Allison was trying to land the helicopetr near the garage area.
2005: There was a massive crash in the Aaron’s 499 that wipes out half the field. 17 cars remain at the finish.
2007: After the UAW-Ford 500, Michael Waltrip “walks” his car past the start finish line. Some believe he was posessed.
2009: During the Aaron’s 499, there was a caution for a lampshade that had fallen off one of the caution lights, and of course, there was that crazy finish.
Other stories say that an ARCA driver nearly outran a tornado during qualifications. The only two drivers on the track during a practice session mystriously manage to crash. They were running on opposite sides of the track. A driver’s mother was struck by a pickup and killed during a race. What do you think? Is the Talladega curse real?
Happy Halloween guys!

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‘dega baby

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the starz at nite

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bristol cage rattlin’

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