burgerking Spring Dover events stewartglasses

6 Responses to “lolbrary2”

  1. […] lolbrary2 14Sep08 […]

  2. Where are the captions?!

  3. Hey Michelle,
    The LoLbray and LoLbrary2 are just places for u guys to get pics to capshun on ur own. All of the capshuned pics are on the main page (just click the LOLnascar banner to get there from here) and visit each individual posting, usually one a day 🙂 When u get to the bottom, clickie on the ‘previous posts’
    Or u can click a catagory and see those lolz.

  4. Gotcha thanks for letting me know about that. But those are great pictures but I don’t have the best of making of good captions. So I guess I’m looking up to the others. But overall these are pretty good captions.

  5. cmon michelle, u can to capshun one. check the blank ones out and get inspired 😀

  6. I can’t It might sound stupid. I know the one that inspiring me the most is the one of Jeff and Jimmie, but I just don’t think I can come up with a good caption.

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