Send me ur LOLz!

ETA….I found a kewl builder to helps you make ur LOLz: ROFLBOT

Make em up, save em on ur puter, mail em to me! 🙂

I’m not so cool enuff to be havin my own LOLbuilder, so for nows, you has to make them the old-fashioned way. Here’s how:

  1. Find a picture of something Nascar-related that is begging for a caption. You can find them anywhere on the web, right-click and save to your computer.
  2. Use some kind of image manipulating program like Photoshop to add clever caption. Typically people use large, blocky font like “Impact” in white, outlined in black. That’s cool, but you can experiment. They look best with large fonts and show up boldly. Be imaginative, quirky, grammar is not being graded.
  3. Email the pic to me at: Make sure you include the source of the photo if known and your name for recognition.
  4. They gotta be funny! They’re not called LOLz for nuttin and as long as the pic isn’t offensive (too much) or really too cruel, I will post it.

If this sounds too hard for u, or u dont has any Photoshopping program, I will still try to help u get ur LOLZ up. Send me the pic you want to cap, send me the cap and all the other infermation and I will tries to build one for you and put it up for ya.

6 Responses to “Send me ur LOLz!”

  1. Avery619 Says:

    sweet uh will u add me to your blogroll i added you

  2. nicole raines Says:

    ok sweet this is gonna be great! hehehehehehe

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