Whos smile?

His smile, click here.


17 Responses to “wdd#11”

  1. Happy harvick?

  2. casey mears???

    • BTW…did you notice you can reply to specific replies now?

  3. Happy.

  4. nope, nope, nope

  5. Martin Truex Jr.???

  6. you should give us clues when you do these.. they’re getting tricky.. i wanna say hamlin even tho its wronge..

    • oh, now you want clues…lol
      answer tomorrow

    • ackshully, I didn’t give a clue because Julie guessed right. If no one guesses in reasonable amt. of time, I will.

    • ChasinCheckerz Says:

      Hey, Denny has a great smile (and perfectly straight teeth)

  7. kahneiac9 Says:

    omg this one is hard. im going to say sorenson, but i’ve got the feeling i am so far off.

  8. Sonny D Says:

    Reed doesnt have boxy teeth (and i would know that cuz im a fan LOL)
    maybe scott speed

    • kahneiac9 Says:

      HAHA! That’s how I know it’s not Kasey Kahne! I have no freakin clue who it is. Speed doesn’t have two fake front teeth does he?! I DONT KNOW! It’s HARD!

  9. Sonny D Says:

    oh and yes i noticed i think yesterday about commenting on someone else’s post LOLnascar 😀

  10. kahneiac9 Says:

    OMG! I love Truex Jr. and I was way off! I guess I never paid much attention to his teeth! BUT I LOVE HIS LIPS… I was stumped. Good job!

    • ya, i thought that one was pretty hard. Hard to fool you guys.

  11. tony or truex

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