Whos smile?

His smile, click here.

17 Responses to “wdd#11”

  1. Happy harvick?

  2. casey mears???

  3. Happy.

  4. nope, nope, nope

  5. Martin Truex Jr.???

  6. you should give us clues when you do these.. they’re getting tricky.. i wanna say hamlin even tho its wronge..

  7. kahneiac9 Says:

    omg this one is hard. im going to say sorenson, but i’ve got the feeling i am so far off.

  8. Sonny D Says:

    Reed doesnt have boxy teeth (and i would know that cuz im a fan LOL)
    maybe scott speed

    • kahneiac9 Says:

      HAHA! That’s how I know it’s not Kasey Kahne! I have no freakin clue who it is. Speed doesn’t have two fake front teeth does he?! I DONT KNOW! It’s HARD!

  9. Sonny D Says:

    oh and yes i noticed i think yesterday about commenting on someone else’s post LOLnascar 😀

  10. kahneiac9 Says:

    OMG! I love Truex Jr. and I was way off! I guess I never paid much attention to his teeth! BUT I LOVE HIS LIPS… I was stumped. Good job!

  11. tony or truex

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