‘ears to ya!

I know ears arent very distinguishing, but u guys are too good with eyes and mouths 😉

Click for answer.

21 Responses to “wdd#17”

  1. im thinking kyle busch

  2. danielle Says:


  3. kyle busch.

  4. 99roxmysox Says:

    Jimmie Johnson ?? LOL Not sure.

  5. Keep quessing…

  6. raisedbyacat Says:


  7. Carl

  8. loganogirl Says:

    it’s not carl… carl haz a lighter hair color… mayb gordon… idk it does look like shrub tho…

  9. Does not drive for HMS or JGR

  10. i would have to guess kurt busch or kasey kahne

  11. 99roxmysox Says:

    Kasey Kahne?

  12. danielle Says:

    Kevin Harvick?

  13. NOSaholic18 Says:

    casey mears

  14. David Ragan?

  15. Darn! I should have kept going through Roush

  16. 99roxmysox Says:

    I love this game..even though I’m not too good at it LOL

  17. martin truex jr.!!!

  18. lawrence1700 Says:

    the #17 DeWalt guy you know him

  19. kenseth’s hat so kenseth

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