Whos dat driver chattin with Ken?

Alright, fine…you win again readers!

11 Responses to “wdd#20”

  1. brad keslowski?

  2. Looks like Brad to me.

  3. its brad

  4. its brad or joey i think

  5. Heather Says:

    its brad 4 sure!

  6. Ill say Denny.

  7. I think it’s Brad.

  8. kahneiac9 Says:

    you know what, i dont think i’ve ever seen a kasey one of these

    • It’s so hard to find pics of any of these guys to really stump you guys. Kasey is hard becuz his features are so recognizable…but i’ll work on it…:-)

  9. Candace Says:

    is it joey logano?

  10. keslowski i sawz it in a nascar lol

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