Eye’ll be seeing you…


Answer HERE.

22 Responses to “wdd#29”

  1. think it might be Denny Hamlin

  2. Biffle?

  3. wonderboy jeff gordon

  4. Jeff Gordon?

  5. denny hamlin

  6. jeff gordon

  7. Hamlin or Gordon..

  8. THAT is Kevin Harvick. At least I think so.

  9. Keep guessing 🙂

  10. is it one of the shrubs?

  11. i thought elliott when i first saw it… maybe?

  12. No correct answers yet…want a clue yet?

  13. Clue #1: He is not in the chase.

  14. Clue 1? Does that mean we get more than one clue? WOOT!!

    im gonna have to think about this one…

  15. oh, did i say elliott? i mean reuti… i mean, eye color is the same… i think…

    its a random “i’m sitting in the middle of class and instead of paying attention im looking at lols and hoping i dont lol too loudly” kinda guess.

  16. thats reutimann i think

  17. greg biffle it is biff

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