wow, 30th wdd!



Apparently…too easy for you guys. 😳


16 Responses to “wdd#30”

  1. i’m stumped. maybe denneh?

  2. It’s gotta be Denny

  3. Denny

  4. Denny, no question.

  5. It does look like Denny…but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess Kevin Harvick just to be different. Heh, I think I picked him last time and I was wrong, too…oh well, I’ll give him another shot.

  6. Kyle busch

  7. denny, happy, or smoke. this is a tuff 1.

    • Pretty sure it’s not Smoke, but yeah, I agree with either Denneh or Happy.

  8. Dennah…..for sure

  9. looks like Dennah to me!! lol haha

  10. I’m seeing Denny.

  11. kahneiac9 Says:

    no clue. I just no that it is not Kasey 😉

    I’d say Denny…

    Whoever it is… I love his lips 😀

  12. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    99.9% sure its Denny… and yes I knew it before I read everyone else’s posts…
    ooooh kahneiac, cheatin on Kasey? hehehe

  13. BIFFLE…..fuck i lost

  14. im gonna thumbs up everyone

  15. denny h.

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