Well, u guys been hard to stump lately…lets SEE how you do here.

Hmm, ’bout half got it, so I guess it was half easy. Click for answer!


27 Responses to “wdd#31”

  1. boris said

  2. junebug?

  3. Dale jr!

  4. i do believe this is dale jr.

  5. jeff burton

  6. Smoke?

  7. Junebug!!

  8. 99roxmysox Says:

    steven wallace?

  9. Clint Bowyer!

    (tho I did think Junebug furst)

  10. GOTTA be Jr.!!

  11. RowdyFan18 Says:

    Going for an off the wall guess….Bobby LaBonte?

  12. TheShermanator Says:

    Jeff Burton methinks

  13. Jameh Macdonald

  14. kasey

  15. Reed

  16. Boris Said

  17. ChasinCheckerz Says:


  18. Matt Kennseth..

    • *slaps* shame shame

  19. I’m with Crista — Clint Bowyer

  20. kahneiac9 Says:

    all I am sure is that it is by no means Kasey Kahne. I thank you. Good night.

    • Hey, ur supposed to guess who it IS, not who it ISN’T. 😛

      • Awe come on, not even half a point?! lol 😀

  21. Matt…come on! What is the answer! LOL

  22. RowdyFan18 Says:

    Is it the Biff?

  23. dale jr. i know before you guys do!!

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