Who goes RAWR?!


He goes RAWR and then wins the race…cool.


37 Responses to “wdd#32”

  1. joey logano

  2. Kenseth? idk. Kenseth. I’m sticking with that.

    • It’s not Kasey! 😉

  3. 99roxmysox Says:

    im goin with kenseth


  5. BritChick Says:

    I’m thinking Jamie McMurray…idk.

  6. Joey Logano

  7. i dont think that’s kenseth, looks like da wicked witch of the west (rowdy) to me.

    • kahneiac9 Says:

      lol you would know! haha. You know kenseth and I know kasey 🙂 together we can knock out 2 of the drivers!

      • Well if you just want to rule out it isn’t tony or jr either. I would say jimmie, but that is way too expressive for him. Maybe Jaime Mac?

        • kahneiac9 Says:

          good job!

          • Jamie Mac won! which is awesome for him, almost as good as me finally getting one of these things right! (And a zillion other people; go us!)

          • Well, not a zillion…

  8. its matt kenseth ya ding dongs lol

    • Ooooh, trash talk 😉

      • kahneiac9 Says:

        Trash talk that was completely wrong at that! sad.

  9. […] In case ya missed it… clicky! […]

  10. Shrubery

    • Lol – “you must bring me a…shrubbery!” Yeah, I’m gonna go with Shrub, too. Although I’m kinda likin’ the Jamie Mac talk…

      • a little late on this one, but omg that was hilarious! lol

  11. Jamie McMurray, hands down.

  12. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    totally jamie mac

  13. Jamie McMurray

  14. I also say it is Shrubby. I knew it instantly (and if I am wrong, I am sleep deprived 😉 )

    • that isn’t kyle

  15. logano

  16. I would say the sexxy Kyle ‘Rowdy’ Busch

  17. You put him as the WDD for the week, and he wins… wow.

    • Sonny D 43 Says:

      trash talk?? wut??? haha

    • Scary isn’t it?

      • Yeah, lol.

        *hopes the next WDD is Jeff Gordon*

        • Oh, this is Jester btw, just got myself a WordPress account, lol.

  18. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    yay! props to my lil bro, who owns at this game

    • guess i gotta get trickier! 😉

      • you’re getting nose-hairs next! lol

  19. Greg Biffle IDK

    • Bit late, lol.

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