Lowes Motor Speedway

Whos talkin to Jr? Only da shadow knows…

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19 Responses to “wdd#4”

  1. Kyle Busch?

  2. I think it’s Matt Kenseth.

  3. Jimmie Johnson maybe?

  4. NOSaholic18 Says:

    david reutimann

  5. again with the funky nose…its not johnson cuz the nose doesn’t match. I dont think gordon is tall enough…but i might be wrong, so im going to say jeff gordon.

  6. no im changing my answer, reutimann or mcmurray. lol idk, so hard.

  7. I’m stumped with this one…I’m thinking it might be Reutimann now.

  8. Jeff Gordon?

  9. kevin harvick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 lol

  10. no way! I would have never of guessed that hottie had such a weird nose! He’s still sexy.

  11. this is a tough one i still say harvick lol

  12. jamie Mac.

  13. reuitmann

  14. nicole raines Says:

    kyle busch

  15. Jeff Gordon IDK this one is hard

  16. dennyhamlin wat kurtbusch

  17. its etheir busch or hamlin

  18. i think its denny

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