August Bristol NASCAR Weekend

Who can it be now?

Click here to see whos chatting up Jeff.

18 Responses to “wdd#6”

  1. I would say Kyle Busch but I don’t think Gordon would talk to kyle lol
    im goin with Kyle

  2. AJ Allmendinger maybe?

  3. Kyle Busch.

  4. Younger shrub for sure

  5. was thinkin Kyle but hes to short, its either AJ or Kahne.

  6. ooooh i change mine…I have to go with what steele said. Kasey Kahne

  7. NOSaholic18 Says:

    david regan?

  8. Its tomorrow!! Who it be?

  9. nvmind..

  10. Sorry guys, that isn’t Kasey. Shrub for sure.

  11. LOL, well it’s not Kasey, anyway…

  12. NOSaholic18 Says:

    alright guys. ima help. since yall keep guessin kyle on deh silouettes, HES 6’1″!!! TALLR DEN JEFF N DALE JR!

  13. he has blond hair and a red jusmp suit. are you guys blind

  14. ChasinCheckerz Says:

    totally allmendinger- can’t you recognize his hair?

  15. nicole raines Says:


  16. crew cheif of brian

  17. I say is kyle or kahane.

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