Eye-eye, cap’n.

SEE who it is. click here.


21 Responses to “wdd#9”

  1. You Stumped Me.. I Have Notta Clue… But I Can Always Guess…Is It Kurt Again?

  2. Clint Bowyer?

  3. NOSaholic18 Says:

    ums… kasey kahne.

    • keep tryin

    • not even close

  4. I’m gonna guess Jeff Gordon

  5. matt kenseth????

  6. NOSaholic18 Says:

    ugh! dey allwayz has sunglasses! jimmie?

    • hint: not full time driver

  7. Jeremy Mayfield?

  8. Boris Said

  9. NOSaholic18 Says:

    joe nemachek

  10. dave blaney….mike skinner….um…derrike cope???

    • now ur just guessing 😉
      someone got it tho…answer tomrrow

  11. Gordon, Kahne, Bowyer, Said, Mayfield, Blaney, and Kenseth all have blue eyes.

    Jimmie & Joe Nemechek, Have brown.

    But I cant tell what color they are..

  12. joe nemechak!!

  13. not even close! gah!

  14. nosaholic… how can you say kasey kahne?! kasey kahne has baby blues!

    • NOSaholic18 Says:

      i donno! i nvr took a moment ta look at his eyes. wellz now i no. kasey has blue.

  15. I are winner!

  16. boris said???

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